Revenue Re-engineering

“When less money is coming in-door and more is going out the door, it is the right time to find ways of trimming.”

For most of the Entrepreneurs running sales and marketing as a dysfunctional family is expensive that gives advantage to competitors who efficiently manage traffic, conversions, engagement, and technology. 

Our training program helps you to connect the marketing and sales team to close more deals and helps to deliver unexceptional customer services too. You would learn how to leverage the best sales tactics, data analytics, and marketing technology to generate more qualified leads and scale business growth.

So, our revenue re-engineering training program majorly deals with the Revenue Multiplication. When 3 functions of business, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service are combined with the technology, your revenue multiplication begins. 

  • Topics to be covered in our Revenue re-engineering training package:

    1. What problem does your business solve?
    2. How do you differentiate in the market?
    3. What are your marketing strategies?
    4. How do you generate revenue?
    5. What is your sales management system?
    6. What are the strategies for customer acquisition and customer retention?
    7. What is your ROI in marketing and sales?
    8. What are your branding activities?
    9. What are your social media strategies?
    10. How do you use modern technology in your business?

Revenue management is perceived as complex and difficult especially for people having little or no experience. Our revenue re-engineering training will take away the mystique that surrounds this business-critical subject. Because your first steps in revenue management should be inspiring and fun, we make it easy to understand for entrepreneurs how to grow their revenues by working on their existing business processes.

1.What will be the duration of Revenue Re-engineering training?

The duration of the course is 4 months (Total 4, One-day sessions). Every month 1 session will be held). Every session consists of an action plan to implement in your business. Implementation will be monitored by the Web Portal.

2.Who can join our Revenue Re-engineering training course?

Entrepreneurs with Core Team members, Sales Heads and Marketing Heads